AE May 2017

"I cannot recommend Helena highly enough. She has an intuitive, gentle touch & always knows what my body needs. I suffer from migraines & her cranial work never ceases to astound me. Whatever age you are Helena is your go to Osteopath!"

CS November 2015

"Kate is an amazing osteopath. She is highly skilled & super knowledgeable in anatomy and physiology. She is the only specialist who was able to assist in my recovery from chronic Plantar Fasciitis in both my feet. Before consulting with Kate, I saw numerous practitioners & tried every available treatment, which included mutilple shock wave therapy sessions and corticosteroid injections shot directly into the foot. None of which helped. Kate, however, managed to achieve more in 6 months than all the doctors I had seen over a period of 3.5 years before her. I have and would recommend her to everyone."

PB June 2017

"Owen has changed my life. I would go as far as to say ‘magic hands’ if I didn’t already know about the intense training he has gone through to be as good as he is. I had extreme pain in my shoulder muscles for months, causing acute pain through my back, eventually something cracked in my neck too. I saw a doctor who told me to relax, I went for massages every week who were honest in their assessment that there was something wrong but they did not have the training to deal with it. Having researched all available therapy I settled on Osteo as this appears to take the most responsibility for fixing a specific issue with a custom made approach. I got a recommendation from a friend for Putney Osteopaths. Owen took great care to understand the backdrop to my life and within a few sessions he had pinpointed the problem areas that all pain was hinging from. There was no need for invasive of overly physical actions or the provision of ‘homework’ exercises to do myself. Owen knew how to alleviate the pain and he did exactly that. I owe a lot to Owen and his dedication to the ability Osteo has to mend a body"

MS May 2017

"I have received excellent help from Pierre for the past few months. I see him weekly for various problems including a broken shoulder and arthritic knees. – as well as the referred problems they cause. His treatment varies each visit according to the nature and severity of the various pains – and after every visit I come out feeling considerably more relaxed and pain-free than when I went in. He is a very caring and sympathetic professional and makes his patients feel relaxed and confident in his treatment. I enjoy my visits! "

LL February 2016

"Having seen a range of physiotherapists and osteopaths over the years for persistent neck pain and occasional vertigo, following treatment from Alex I have been vertigo free for 3 years. In addition to treatment from Alex for my neck and regular Pilates with Kate my neck has improved and I have learnt techniques from them to keep it pain free. Alex is caring and professional and goes about any treatment with confidence and a positive attitude to future outcomes. Kate is a trained Osteopath and provides the best Pilates classes I have ever been to. Kate's training helps her to focus on the body parts that need the most work which with effort gets good results. Neighbours and friends recommended that I see Alex and Kate as they had all achieved good results through them. I have happily recommended Alex and Kate to many and still do."

DS May 2017

"I found Pierre by chance after speaking with a friend about my problems at the foot (i.e. plantar fasciitis). A quick chat over the phone told me that as well as being conveniently located, this was a professional medical service that I could put my trust. Visiting an osteopath for the first time, you are likely to be both in pain and also somewhat wary of what’s in store. Pierre combines professionalism with a genuine warmth and friendliness that allows you to feel calm, reassured and in good hands throughout the treatment. Most importantly, of course, he really knows what he is doing. In my case, my foot, neck and shoulder was feeling much better after the first appointment and back to normal a few appointments some weeks later. He also provided documented exercises and advises to improve my condition between the appointments. I thoroughly recommend Pierre and your clinic is lucky to have him! "

JC June 2017

"I have been a client of Helena for some time and cannot recommend her highly enough. She is not only a highly qualified and very experienced osteopath but has a wonderfully calm, compassionate and reassuring personality."

RP November 2015

"I am a keen runner and cyclist, and it has taken its toll on my knees and my back! Owen was thorough, professional and reassuring. I have seen him a few times now, and the symptoms have definitely improved."

JC November 2015

"We all come to Putney Osteopaths – it is very family friendly. I think that my daughter was teething for months before we realized what was going on. We just thought that she was a bad sleeper, and it was hard not to blame her for what was happening. It was so helpful to have Alex’s insight.  He explained how teething affected her whole system. Watching him release all that congestion, and seeing her so relaxed, was like a miracle!"

PS January 2016

"I have suffered with back and hip pain for many years and no amount of physio and medication really helped. A friend recommended Putney Osteopaths. I booked an appointment but was not really expecting much. I had a second treatment a week or two later and was delighted with the result. Alex suggested some stretches which I try to do every day. I do go back once every five to six months"

CES September 2015

"I have been clenching my jaw at night for years, to the point where I have actually broken two teeth. Alex has been incredible. He has a way of releasing my jaw and neck which makes a huge difference, I suddenly realise what it feels like to be relaxed! On occasion he has done cranial work on me, which has a profound effect and I sleep like a baby afterwards. I couldn’t recommend Putney Osteopaths more highly."

AH November 2016

"I have seen Alex on many occasions and he has always been able to “fix” me. Absolutely amazing! Can’t recommend him enough."

CT-X September 2013

"Alex and Kate are the best osteopaths in the country. If not the world. They are brilliant, kind, warm and wonderful people."

FDK 2016

"Owen, at Putney Osteopaths, has been a great help to me over the past few years with my various physical injuries including a damaged knee which prevented me from walking. Whatever problem I present to him, he knows what to do and keeps me active and free from pain. I have recommended him to many of my friends who also, like me, admire and appreciate his expertise and friendly care."

NL-X 2016

"The team at Putney Osteopaths are fantastic, caring, gorgeous, intuitive and holistic."

MW May 2017

"Prior to finding Pierre I had been suffering from neck and shoulder-blade pain for a couple of years - something that was really getting me down as I had constant headaches and felt tired, sore and stiff all the time. I had seen lots of different osteopaths and would get a short-term fix for a few days only. When I started seeing Pierre he seemed to listen and empathise, and he worked more deeply and thoroughly than anyone else I have ever seen. I felt so much better after each visit and the length between visits is getting much much longer. My neck is now the best it has ever been feeling. He is also very pleasant and professional when conducting a treatment."

BH September 2011

"I received treatment at Putney Osteopaths after an injury sustained in a bicycle accident. In addition to my clinic treatments the staff provided me with simple exercises to follow and I made a swift recovery. I would recommend Putney Osteopaths to anyone requiring treatment in a friendly and professional environment."

LDL July 2015

"Simply the best. Great people, great location. I have tried many but this is the ultimate Osteopath clinic."

TF September 2010

"It sounds cliched but I can't recommend Alex enough. I first went to him in 2007 following a recommendation from a friend of mine who was treated by him for years in New Zealand, where he used to be chairman of the NZ Association of Osteopaths. Alex is very experienced, having treated many professional athletes and sportspeople on a regular basis, and he essentially wrote the standard for Osteopathy in NZ as we know it. He is gentle, grounded, and can quickly identify issues with a physical assessment. He treats the whole body in each session, and I have never had such thorough, effective, and careful treatment from any other osteopaths or physiotherapists. Oh, and he's outstanding value for money!"

DR November 2010

"Kate & Alex were recommended to me by my yoga teacher. I was sceptical as I thought that osteopaths were just about bone crackng (very wrongly). Kate treated me at first and I started to see a difference quickly, I wasn't going to have to put up with crippling pain for the rest of my life! More recently I have been in Alex's safe hands. Their approach is not only caring, but thorough and holistic. They are interested in all areas of your health and wellbeing and will work on every aspects to get to the root cause. I would travel a very long distance to see them as I completely trust their expertise and capability and quite honestly cannot recommend them highly enough."

GN Feb 2016

"Goodbye clinical, large group, little individual attention classes. Hello quirky, friendly and seriously brilliant Pilates classes. Kate runs intimate (max 5 people, although it is often less than this) weekly sessions in her comfortable living room. Each session is original, building on techniques learnt previously. As Pilates focuses on moving individual muscles, it can be easy to get the move wrong. Kate, unlike many other Pilates instructors, does not spend the class sitting at the front – everyone receives plenty of individual attention to correct cheating (intentional or not!). Kate has a great sense of humour, which is infectious – the core isn’t engaged through exercises alone. I leave Pilates with a smile on my face every time. On a more serious note, I have been struggling with chronic injury for months and have found these classes to be foundational for my rehabilitation. I’m pretty sure that my now well-defined core is not the result of sitting at a desk all day… Also, the fact I am organising my activities to ensure I don’t miss classes suggests that I may be hooked for life."

JS November 2013

"Due to a car accident in my 20s my shoulder and arm have always needed attention. Alex at Putney Osteopaths is the first osteopath I have found (and I have seen quite a few) that has really made a difference. After 6 appointments the pain has gone and i now sleep at night. I cannot recommend Putney Osteopaths enough."

SM June 2017

"I wish I’d found Putney Osteopaths two years ago when I first injured my back. During my first consultation, Owen relieved years of pain, which I didn’t realise how much it had affected me until it was gone. I am back to playing tennis, which I had missed so much when I was injured. I now see Owen for maintenance’ and I truly feel like a different person. Owen also worked his magic on my 11year old daughter whose ankle always hurt after playing sport. After one consultation, some at home exercises and a follow-up appointment she is completely cured."

EW September 2018

"I met Christopher some 14 years ago after having Breast Cancer. Using Acupuncture Christopher has treated a wide range of weaknesses in my body ranging from conjunctivitis and the winter cough to rebalancing the body's energy flows and clearing blockages. For me Acupuncture relieves the symptoms of anxiety and fatigue, and helps destress and revitalize the body. Christopher's caring and calming personality inspires absolute trust and gives a feeling of reassurance which makes a treatment session an uplifting experience."