Headache Clinic with Helena Bridge

People with new, undiagnosed headaches are recommended to be seen first by a doctor. This is because doctors have direct access to tests and perform examination procedures which osteopaths do not. They can also refer a patient for further tests without delay if necessary. People with new, undiagnosed headaches are recommended to be seen first by a doctor.

Osteopathy and Headaches

There is emerging evidence that osteopathy can help you manage persistent ‘primary’ i.e. benign headaches. However benign, these headaches can nevertheless be very debilitating, as in the case of frequent migraines, tension-type headaches and neck-related headaches.

Reassuringly, the vast majority of headaches are not sinister headaches, which are very rarely seen in first-line primary care practices such as this osteopathy clinic.

Putney Osteopaths are trained and happy to help treat and manage your headaches, provided:

  • A doctor has ruled out serious causes of your headaches since their onset, or you have had the headache for over 6 months

We would also ask the following:

  • That you feel otherwise well i.e. you have no fever or rash
  • That your headaches have not recently changed radically in nature (e.g. doubled in severity, frequency, or duration)
  • That you have not experienced recent sudden weight loss or weight gain
  • That you have not developed other unexplained symptoms associated with your headaches

If you are unsure whether to attend Putney Osteopaths for help with headaches, please arrange a preliminary chat with one of our osteopaths.

Once you attend, you will be offered a combination of the following:

  • A thorough, unhurried headache case history
  • A face to face examination incl. neurological screening (as recommended by BASH*), blood pressure measurement & physical examination
  • A thorough discussion of your treatment and selfmanagement options including exercise, nutrition and other potentially helpful lifestyle modifications
  • A possible referral to a medical headache specialist if your headaches are very severe or persistent
  • A short gentle initial treatment
  • A courtesy report for your GP if requested

If you have a new-onset ‘first, worst or thunderclap’ headache
i.e. your pain levels have progressed from
0-10 in the first 5 minutes
call an ambulance.