Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up for a course of treatments?

Your osteopath will discuss your symptoms and treatment options with you and together you decide how best to proceed. We aim to get you better as soon as possible rather than keep you coming back. Treatments can be booked as and when you need them. Some of our patients like regular visits to deal with chronic conditions, others come once or twice and then phone to say that they are better

I have private health insurance, what do I need to do?

Most insurance companies ask you to call them before your first treatment at Putney Osteopaths. They may ask you to get a referral from your GP. Insurers then give you an authorisation number. Please tell us that you are an insurance patient, and bring your authorisation number with you so that we can process your claim.

Which insurers do you work with?

We are registered with AXA PPP, Aviva, BUPA, Cigna, Pru Health, Simply Health, Vitality Health and WPA.

Do you treat babies?

Yes. Many babies benefit from treatment, we have patients from one week old. Further information can be found here: What is Osteopathy?

Will I have to get undressed?

The osteopath will usually need to examine the site of your pain. It is not always necessary to get undressed, our osteopaths are trained to work through your clothes if necessary. We suggest that you wear something relatively loose and comfortable (ideally not jeans). Sports kit is fine. We have both male and female osteopaths in our practice. You can read more about them here: Putney Osteopaths Team

Can I bring someone with me?

Of course. Your companion is welcome to attend your treatment if you wish. We have comfortable chairs for guests in our treatment rooms and our waiting room. If you need us to provide a chaperone, please ask before your appointment.

Are there any medical conditions that would be made worse by osteopathy?

Please talk to our osteopaths in advance of your treatment if you are worried about any preexisting condition. During your appointment we will take a full medical history. If you have any medical notes, doctor’s letters or scans relating to your condition, please bring them with you. If your osteopath feels that they are unable to help you they will refer you to another health care professional who can.

Are your osteopaths qualified?

All of our osteopaths are fully qualified, registered with the General Osteopathic Council, and have years of experience.

Why do joints ‘Pop’ when they are manipulated?

When muscle joints are pulled apart there forms a tiny cavity filled with gas which then collapses, creating a popping noise. You can see what happens in this video. 

Will the osteopath have to manipulate me as part of the treatment?

Manipulation is just one ‘tool’ that the osteopath can use. It is not always necessary to ‘crack’ joints as part of a treatment. Please let your osteopath know if you don’t wish to be manipulated, it will affect the outcome of your treatment. Your osteopath will always inform you and gain consent before performing any manipulations.

Do you have student osteopaths?

On rare occasions we may ask you in advance whether a student can observe your treatment. Our osteopaths are very experienced and teach osteopathy, so this can be valuable learning opportunity for a student. However, we would never invite a student into your treatment without your permission.