Babies and Children

Babies & Children
Babies & Children

Ruth has been an osteopath for over 20 years and has specialised in paediatric osteopathy for 13 years.

When you take your baby for a consultation it is important that you feel confident that they are in the best possible hands. Children are not mini adults - in fact their anatomy, physiology and pathology (illnesses) are different to those that present in adulthood. It is fundamental that the osteopathic practitioner knows these differences. Training to become a paediatric osteopath takes a minimum of 6 years including a 4 year Masters degree in osteopathy.

Ruth believes osteopathy can be used to treat people of all ages. However, she has developed a specialty in treating mothers to be, post-partum mothers, infants and children.

In 2009 Ruth completed a 2-year Masters in Paediatric Osteopathy at the Foundation for Paediatric Osteopathy which incorporates the charitable clinic of The Osteopathic Centre for Children.

Ruth uses very gentle, safe osteopathic techniques. She can help release and balance areas of physical tension to soothe and relax, as well as encourage freer movement where tissues have tightened. Techniques include myofascial release and articulation as well as visceral and cranial osteopathy.

Paediatric osteopathy covers infants to teenagers and spans diverse conditions.


Osteopathic treatment aims to make mothers and babies more comfortable after birth. Parents tend to bring their babies to Ruth for a variety of reasons including:

Post-natal checkups

Latching and bottle feeding difficulties

Digestive complaints

Tongue-tie assessments and diagnosis

Favouring turning their head one way

Irregular head shapes (plagiocephaly)

Sleeping disorders

Baby reflux

Baby colic

Respiratory issues

All these conditions can be influenced by the birth process.


Beyond birth, osteopathy also has a role to play. Osteopathy can help with teething discomfort, gastrointestinal upsets such as constipation and a broad range of presentations from ADHD to sports injuries and back pain in the older child. Parents often bring their children to Ruth for postural assessments.

Expectant Mothers

Osteopathy can help mothers at all stages of pregnancy. Osteopathy can help with pain caused by the postural changes of pregnancy such as lower back pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction and reflux. Our osteopaths can help mothers to feel physically prepared for labour as well as aid in their recovery from the birth using gentle, non-invasive techniques combined with exercises and advice.

Babies & Children