Babies and Children

Babies & Children

Training to become a paediatric osteopath takes a minimum of 6 years including a 4 year degree in osteopathy and a 2 year post graduate education. Our paediatric osteopaths are passionate and experienced. Using very gentle osteopathic techniques, osteopathy can help release and balance areas of physical tension, helping to soothe and relax as well as promoting freer movement where muscles have tightened. Parents tend to bring their babies to our clinic for a variety of reasons including discomfort in the feeding position, favouring turning their head one way when sleeping and difficulties with digestion.

Expectant Mothers

Osteopathy can help mothers at all stages of pregnancy. Osteopathy can help with pain caused by the postural changes of pregnancy such as lower back pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction and reflux. Our osteopaths can help mothers to feel physically prepared for labour as well as aid in their recovery from the birth using gentle, non-invasive techniques combined with exercises and advice.